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For any information or questions regarding custom plastic injection molding services, please contact us at 1.800.755.2862 or complete the Havis Contact Us form.


Technologically advanced and fully experienced, we offer high-end engineering as the innovative solution to all of your injection molding jobs. We excel as a leader of custom plastic injection molding, insert injection molding, precision plastic injection molding, short run injection molding, and thermoplastic injection molding. Regardless of whether you need to correct a problem or do things right from the start, we can help resolve and solve any of your plastic injection molding needs.

Prototyping vs. Rapid Prototyping

Our initial design process offers customers a chance to utilize both traditional prototyping as well as rapid prototyping for their injection molding project. Regular prototyping allows clients to see an example of their mold prior to manufacturing. On the other hand, rapid prototyping integrates sophisticated CAD (computer-aided design) modeling for the most precise dimensions and tolerances. Prototyping allow us to see the actual product, make any corrections, and then send the prototype right to our injection tooling machines for mass production.

Reverse Engineering

As the name entails, reverse engineering is the process of analyzing the final product rather than the initial stages of the product. By assaying the finished product, we are able to better perfect the actual design of the plastic part. Thanks to CAD modeling and reverse engineering, we have the capability and the knowledge needed to streamline the custom plastic injection molding process.

CAD Modeling

We take pride in knowing that we utilize only the most sophisticated technology available during the design, development and engineering phases of our custom injection molding process. Innovative CAD modeling provides a unique opportunity for customers to see their injection mold project without having to actually go through the full injection molding process. Thanks to this software, we are able to streamline the injection molding process altogether, allowing you to minimize production costs and ensuring only the finest in injection molding.