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Injection Molding Prototype

For any information or questions regarding custom plastic injection molding services, please contact us at 1.800.755.2862 or complete the Havis Contact Us form.

In the process of plastic injection molding, precision is everything. Here, we take the proper measures to ensure that all of our customers receive only the highest quality in custom plastic injection molding. Depending on our customers' needs, this may sometimes involve doing a prototype before the actual molding process itself.

Injection Molding Prototype to Design Production

Detail-oriented prototyping allows us to maintain a high level of consistency throughout the injection molding process. By creating a mold prototype, we can determine areas of both strengths and improvement. As we pinpoint what needs to be improved in a project, we are able to stay cost-effective and fix nuances before volume production of the injection molded plastics occurs. Mold prototypes enable us to test run the engineering and manufacturing processes needed to produce reliable and high-quality yet inexpensive products for you and your company.

Injection Molding Prototype Tooling

One of the major advantages to constructing a mold prototype is that it allows our customers to stay within budget while minimizing unnecessary production costs. For instance, a design for a particular part may turn out to use more material than needed. Prototype tooling will let us conduct surface treatment and the removal of any excess waste, allowing that part to be usable as a mold prototype in the future. Then we will go back and alter the measurements to ensure the most cost-efficient production for your project.

The Right Injection Molding Prototype, The Right Injection Molding Company

Since 1978, we have been upping the standards of excellence in the injection molding industry. Our expertise and precision allows our clients to rest assured that they are getting the best for their dollar. We do everything possible to do things right when it comes to custom plastic injection molding, including fine tuning details in the pre-production phase with injection molding prototypes.