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Precision Plastic Injection Molding

For any information or questions regarding custom plastic injection molding services, please contact us at 1.800.755.2862 or complete the Havis Contact Us form.

As an injection molding company, we take the art of mold making to a whole new level. In the simplest terms, the process of plastic injection molding itself involves injecting heated plastic into a mold that is later utilized for the inexpensive production of parts. With precision plastic injection molding, your company is able to produce parts more quickly, reliably, economically and in large quantities.

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

  • Step One: At an extremely high temperature, plastic material is converted from a solid into a liquid in order to prepare for its injection into an injection mold.
  • Step Two: The liquefied plastic is injected into a mold cavity and spread around to ensure an evenly filled mold.
  • Step Three: Once the plastic is precisely fitted into the mold, it is cooled so that it returns to a hard solid state.
  • Step Four: Lastly, the cooled plastic is ready to be removed from the mold and can be used to economically re-produce more of the same parts.

Custom Injection Molded Plastic

Utilizing a diverse array of materials, we offer custom injection molded plastics at competitive prices. Some of these materials include thermoplastic rubber, polycarbonate, and both high and low density polyethylene. With dependable and attentive service, we custom inject the plastic into the molds to ensure quality molds and molded plastic parts.

Efficient Tooling, Quality Injection Molds

We utilize our very own tool shop and twenty-three injection molding press production department to get the job done right. Our tooling machines allow us to offer short run injection molding, insert injection molding, thermoplastic injection molding and more. Additionally, we offer custom plastic injection molding for up to any size product that our largest press can produce.

Loyal Customers, Precise Injection Molding

Large corporations, like Tyco, as well as local smaller companies have been visiting us for years, because they know they will receive nothing short of dependable, precise and quality injection molds. Our well-rounded expertise in the custom injection molding industry enables us to problem-solve and do things right when it comes to creating plastic molds for our clients. Adhering to the highest standards of quality with the ISO 9000 system, we utilize high-end engineering in order to create and construct an injection mold prototype for your product. So you can expect nothing less than precise custom plastic injection molding.