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Short Run Injection Molding

For any information or questions regarding custom plastic injection molding services, please contact us at 1.800.755.2862 or complete the Havis Contact Us form.

As a type of thermoplastic injection molding, short run injection molding gives companies the advantage of having custom injection molds produced for them in lower quantities. By utilizing an assortment of alternative materials, such as aluminum or epoxy, the cost of the injection molding process is decreased. While the life expectancy of these short run injection molds is not as optimal as injection molds yielded by the regular injection molding process, some companies find that lower quantity capability in a shorter time outweighs the benefits of a longer life expectancy as well as better suits their immediate needs.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions, such as short run injection molding, for their plastic parts production. Since 1978, we have been changing customer expectations for the injection molding industry. Our continual hard work in producing only the most reliable products, including our short run injection molds, has contributed to our unmatched reputation for excellence.

Benefits of Short Run Injection Molds

For many companies, staying within the annual budget may be one of the biggest dilemmas they face each year. As a result, these same companies turn towards injection molding companies in hopes of finding the most inexpensive but reliable way to produce lower volumes of products. Short run injection molding is probably the least expensive as well as the best measure for companies looking to produce a low quantity of products in a short period of time. Additionally, this particular injection molding process allows molds to be created from an assortment of resin types.

The Short Run Injection Molding Process

Here, we utilize cavity inserts in our partial tooling process as a means to get the job done. The aluminum tool involved is inexpensive and is more than capable of running the low quantity amount you need. Typically, we can accommodate just about any low volume number that you may need. The average production time is around 2 weeks. Whatever you need done in regards to injection molding, simply let us know and we’ll make it happen.