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Tooling, Dies & Molds

For any information or questions regarding custom plastic injection molding services, please contact us at 1.800.755.2862 or complete the Havis Contact Us form.

For superior design, production and quality assurance, we combine exceptional tooling, dies and molds with all-around precision and expertise. Our experienced team has the knowledge and capability needed to not only streamline but expedite the start-to-finish process of plastic injection molding.

Rapid Prototyping

We aim to produce not only high quality but affordable solutions to all of your injection molding needs. By developing prototypes, we offer our customers a cost-effective way to minimize production costs, view their injection mold before the manufacturing process, and pinpoint areas of improvement for their product. Additionally, we utilize injection molding prototypes as a way to ensure consistency and precision throughout every injection molding job.

Production Tooling

We takes production tooling to another level of efficiency. Our supervised manufacturing cycle helps us stay on top of each inspection checkpoint. In terms of quality production, we take pride in knowing that we can produce quality molds right on our premises thanks to our very own tool room. For added affordability, we offer tooling amortization as an option to try to minimize long-term costs.

Hot Foil Stamping Dies

For marking and part identification, we provide customers with the option of hot foil stamping. As the ideal way to add color to any of your plastic parts, our hot foil stamping process consists of pressing a raised surface, heated metal die first to a color foil and then to your plastic part. Due to the design of the stamping die, you will be happy to know that the color is permanently transferred to your plastic part.

Mold Maintenance

To ensure the highest quality and close tolerance of our injection molds, we store injection molds in a climate-controlled tool room. Additionally, we only want what is best for our customers and their plastic parts. That’s why we adhere to the ISO 9000 system, making certain that each plastic part we produce is not only affordable but also superior all around.